About me

Short facts

Name: Hampus Blom
Born: 1992
Live: Jönköping, sweden
Email: e@slampus.se
Work: Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund / Swedish youth temperance organisation







My biggest dream as a child was to become an inventor. I was obsessed with catching a lightning and build different modules that was going to capture it. I did not ever catch the lightning, kind of happy today i didn’t. I spent many hours building stuff and doing blue prints. Lego was a big favorite and i broke so many stereos to get motors and other stuff. When i got around 10 years old i started building plastic models, everything from planes to the Vasa ship. I could lock my self in my room many hours just building my models.




Teenage years

As a teenager i gave my life to my computer. Spent everyday play World of warcraft and other games. But i also loved upgrading my computer with different cases. I built many cases my self as a Teenager, i think the coolest one is when i built a computer case of a plastic beverage box.





Short facts

Me and my friend Marcus often help our friends and some organizations to build stuff. We sometimes joked about starting a company and the year 2010 we made this fake/joke company (not registred). We called it Hampus & Marcus Klåperi AB, which in English translates to ”Hampus & Marcus the bunglers Corp”. Many of our friends often call us by this name when we do/build stuff together.