3D Printer | Anet A8 (Prusa i3 replica)

I bought my Anet A8 (Prusa i3 replica) from Gearbest. The reason i bought Anet a8 is because the cheap price and the amazing community that is helping people with the Anet a8. I love to build my electronics and this would be an fun project to upgrade in to my own 3D-printer.

Date i bought it: 8th February
Date of arrival (Filament & Auto leveling sensor): 16th February
Date of arrival (3D Printer): 2nd March

My upgrades atm

Since the printed has not arrived yet i have no upgrades.


My future upgrades

Hot bed and Hot end mosfets
I bought 2 Mosfets for the printer heat bed and the hot end.  The reason i have the mosfets is because of taking some of the power from the motherboard. The motherboard is non-modular. That means if something burn, i could have to replace the whole motherboard.I will also upgrade the cabels to some heavier cables since those original cables often burn.

Only one of the Mosfets arrived since something got wrong, but the company gave me a refund. Will start with only one for the hotbed.



Box for the mosfets
This is the box i’m going to print for my mosfets. It is going to cover the Hot bed mosfet and the Hot end mosfet. It will also be compatible with the box i’m going to use for my motherboard and my raspberry pi.

Credits: zadthebad



Box for Motherboard, RPi & relays
This is the box i’m going to print for my Motherboard, RPi and relays.


Credits: zadthebad