ATX Bench power supply

Since i cant throw stuff away i have ended up with some old ATX power supply’s. I have seen many people building there on bench power supply’s so i am going to do the same.

When i write this i still havent got the material for from the store i ordered from. I will update this page as soon as i have build the unit.


Ordered from Svebry Electronics
2 x 10 Ohm 10 Watt resistors.
3 x Doubble female banana plugs – Black and Red,
1 x 40x40x10mm fan 12V
3 x 30A DC Analog ampere meters
3 x 10A glass fuse – fast (5x20mm)
3 x Glass fuse holders (5x20mm)
6 x Bananaplug male
6 x Bananaplug female

Ordered from Kjell & co
1 x ATX extension cable


Will post this as soon i got the material and started building.